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From inception to expansion, our team provides full-service legal assistance to start-ups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs in Italy and beyond.


NewCo & Startups: Comprehensive advice and assistance regarding the creation of new companies and subsidiaries, with a focus on tech innovation firms

Intellectual Property: Assess, secure, and enforce creators’ rights in copyrights, patents, and trademarks

EU Legislation: Examination of exisiting and proposed EU legislation and their impact on markets and investment

Trade Law: Mitigating risk and maximizing opportunity in trans-national commercial dealings

Intelligence & Analysis: Critical intelligence gathering for investors and entrepreneurs, including country-specific market reports 

Contracts: Drafting and review of commercial contracts with an eye towards ensuring stability and limiting liability 

Expat Law: Relocation assistance for entreprenuers, employees, and their families 

International Litigation: Representation in both Italian and international courts (through selected partners)

ADR & Arbitration: Case evaluation and preparation for clients entering into mediation or arbitration

Real Estate: Advice and assistance in the sale, purchase or lease of commercial and residential real estate in Italy and abroad

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